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There are, by the U. S. government’s best estimate, 5,089 miles of ocean coastline in the continental U.S. My aim is to see all of them. Shoreline5089.com is my chronicle of that quest.

Certainly, the story of the shore is a big one. It touches on lifestyle, sports and recreation, commerce, national security, history, the arts, and science. And it also involves food.

Paul Skolnick, at the start of the Shoreline5089 quest, at El Porto beach, Manhattan Beach, CA.

By way of explanation, I am a journalist who has worked in network and local TV news, newspapers, books, magazines, radio, and online for more than 40 years. I have been part of some of the biggest stories of the age in that time. I’m also proud of the smaller stories I’ve been part of and the work I’ve done to make them memorable.

But this Chronicle of the Coast is like nothing else I’ve done. For one thing, it’s a solo effort. Other forms of journalism are a collaborative art. There are photographers (video and still), editors (video, audio, and text), engineers, graphic artists, layout artists, press workers, circulation staff, social-media experts, managers, executives, marketers, and many others. This effort involves none of those other people. For better or for worse, I’m all of them.

But to say I’m doing this alone isn’t quite true. I’m relying on you.

I need your comments to keep the discussion about this vast topic fresh, timely, and accurate. I need your guidance on things I should see, issues I should understand, and truths I should ferreting out. And I need you to keep me on the straight and narrow path for the next 5,089 miles by letting me know when I stray. It’s my goal to stick with the facts, but if I should err, I’m hoping I can count on you to make it right.

So welcome along on this incredible voyage! And enjoy what I think will be a compelling, continuing, and exciting chronicle of the coast.


Paul Skolnick