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Green Key Beach As The Sun Goes Down


I’ve been away from the blog for too long, but not from the beach. This is a sunset I grabbed on a trip to Florida last month and haven’t had time until today to process and post.

Green Key Beach—also known as Robert K. Rees Memorial Park—is a place I probably wouldn’t have happened upon had I not done a little digital recon. I was looking for a spot north of Clearwater, and preferably north of Pinellas County, where I could see the sun drop into the Gulf of Mexico. A few miles west of New Port Richey, I saw a spit of land that looked like it would give me the vantage point I was looking for. The online maps call it Green Key Beach; Pasco County—which operates the park—calls it Robert K. Rees Memorial Park.

I wish I could tell you more about Rees and why this spit of land with pretty vast recreational facilities is named after him. But I didn’t see any signs at the park. The online mentions from newspapers in the 1970s indicate he served as a Pasco County Commissioner, and in 1971, was accused of assaulting what the St. Petersburg Times called “a disgruntled constituent” in an area bar. It is, after all, that part of Florida where the natural beauty often obscures the history.

The natural beauty also seems to be obscuring Pasco County’s best efforts to collect revenue. I was more than happy to drop a couple bucks into the collection box for the parking fee, but the box was broken and I suspected my dollar bills wouldn’t be there by the time the county officials came to empty out the day’s proceeds.

But there was a sunset that April evening—a glorious one, it turned out. Have a look at the 60-second version and tell me if you don’t agree.

And one added inducement to enjoy the video: the music was composed, arranged, and performed by my 16-year-old daughter Rebecca Skolnick, who was with me at Green Key Beach for the sunset.

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  • Katen June 4, 2016, 5:17 am

    The park is now well maintained and county park personnel are there during business hours. It is my favorite place to go with Grands when they come to Florida to visit us. A little drove for me to any beach but this one is very nice.
    Thanks for posting the pictures

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